Over 30 years’ experience

Vaasan Lämpöeristys Oy has been founded in 1990. During the over 30 years’ period we have executed a great number of different projects. Over the years, we have had customers and worksites all over Ostrobothnia. Quality, reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction are values important to us. Approximately 20 experienced professionals of the field work for us, executing high quality works according to schedules.

Projects executed by us

  • Housing company Vaasan Priimus/Laudatur Ventilation works

  • Vaasan Lyseo I-phase Ventilation works

  • Vöyri fire station Ventilation works

  • ABC commercial building Ventilation works

  • Mosebacken skola school Ventilation works

  • Pilvilampi water treatment plant HVAC works

  • Lärcenter Koivulahti learning centre Ventilation works

  • Vaasan Kuljetuskanavat Heating plant/flue-gas filters

High quality and reliability operation

Bureau Veritas has certified our ISO 14001 environmental management system and our ISO 9001 quality system. We also participate in the Reliable Partner service provided by Vastuu Group.

For us, quality means products and services delivered according to contracts, and satisfied customers. As a sub-contractor, we are a part of a bigger supply chain, and therefore, it is important for us to keep schedules, flexibility and reliability. Environment and sustainable actions are also a significant part of our business activities.