Industrial and HVAC insulation

Industrial insulation

Vaasan Lämpöeristys Oy is specialized in the thermal insulation of various machines and equipment. Our clients include for example engine manufacturers. Thermal insulation is required in industrial applications e.g. around tanks, pipeworks, engines and silencers. Our experienced experts design thermal insulation for a project according to requirements and select insulation materials fulfilling the requirements.

HVAC insulation

We execute cold and thermal insulation for ventilation ducts and equipment in buildings. Insulation designed specifically for HVAC systems functions also as sound insulation, and when necessary, also as fire protection insulation. We execute insulation solutions for both new constructions and renovating projects principally in the Ostrobothnia region. With regard to HVAC insulation, our customers are big building companies and municipalities. We have several years’ experience of insulating various targets, and therefore, we are able to execute HVAC insulation tasks also for demanding projects.

High quality insulation materials and know-how 

We use high-quality insulation materials to achieve the best and cost-efficient solution. We manufacture insulation pillows needed for thermal insulation, customized sheet metal plating and other special products in our own workshop.