Insulation pillows for industrial use

Insulation pillows according to a customer’s needs

We manufacture and design insulation pillows sewn together, resistant to the heat of even 1200 C°. Insulation pillows are being used in industrial applications among other things for the thermal insulation of big engines, exhaust systems and other pipes, because it is easy to maintain and to change insulation pillows. Insulation pillows are always custom-made, according to a customer’s needs.

Design and manufacturing of insulation pillows

We manufacture insulation pillows according to a customer’s designs and requirements from the very beginning, at our own industrial sewing workshop. When necessary, we design and dimension insulation pillows according to a customer’s equipment. There are different ways to attach an insulation pillow to a device. We also carry out the fixing of insulation pillows according to a customer’s wishes.

Structure and materials of insulation pillows

An insulation pillow is made of a fire-resistant fabric which is filled with insulation wool. There are several different surface fabric materials and insulation wool materials available. We always select the materials according to the requirements of the object for which they are used.