Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 25/5/2018

It is important for Vaasan Lämpöeristys Oy to protect their customers’ personal data. It is described in the Privacy Policy why and how we process and store our customers’ personal data and what rights our customers have in relation with them.

Controller and contact details:

Vaasan Lämpöeristys Oy

Konttoritie 4

65610 Mustasaari

Tel. 06-3620870

Name of the register:

Customer register

Purpose of processing personal data:

To maintain the company’s customer register, to administer, to process and to file customers’ orders and to take care of customer relations.

Content of the register:


Address/E-mail address

Company’s name

Telephone number

Business ID



Billing address

Delivery address

Data source:

Registered persons themselves

Storage of personal data:

As far as filing and deleting are concerned, the laws and regulations in force shall be adhered to.

Disclosure of data:

Data shall not be disclosed from the register to outside parties.

Rights of the registered person:

To verify and to rectify recorded data

To obtain a copy of the registered data

Deleting of data (to the extent permitted by law)

To lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority, if the Data Protection Regulation is infringed in the processing of the registered person’s personal data